Protect your skin against the sun with light, silky Red Raspberry Seed Oil!

This golden, vitamin-rich (vitamins A and E) carrier oil moisturizes and repairs skin after everyday damage. Vitamin A (aka: Retinal) stimulates production of new skin cells Trust it for ongoing protection against environmental factors—like the sun, wind, and pollution—that can accelerate the signs of aging.


Use it for…Raspberry Seed Oil

  • Vitamin-rich anti-aging blends that reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Cleanse sensitive skin without harsh, drying soaps
  • Calm redness and restore hydration to skin after a long day in the sun

Despite its name, red raspberry seed oil doesn’t smell like raspberries. Its scent is light, with delicate traces of floral notes.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil is Used In the formulations of these Soaps and Such Products:

  • Shade Me Naturally Sun Shade (natural sun block lotion)
  • Shade Me Naturally Lip Balm
  • Rosehip & Raspberry Seed Power Punch Serum (Kelly’s nightly serum)

More info. or order online by clicking this link. 

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