Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

This site is all about being “your own kind of beautiful” inside & out!

The blog will feature great informational articles and tips on how to keep your body relax Kelly 2healthy and wholesome. My name is Dr. Kelly Bruning, and I hold a PhD in business and research.  My passion is to research and develop wholesome bath & beauty products so that people have a choice of what they put on their skin.

What goes on your skin goes into your body so you really have to think about that!  Your skin is not some invisible barrier. Think of it as a sponge that will absorb whatever goes on your skin into your blood stream.

That’s where small steps to a healthier lifestyle in general as well as  healthier bath & beauty products comes in. From my natural stick deodorant that REALLY works to the Paraben free all natural moisturizing lotion, to the Deet free insect repellent… all developed by me to guard you against toxic chemicals and help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle and natural radiance.

I’m also pretty good at “common-sense” advice about life because I’ve had my share of adversities and learning lessons along the way.  So…enjoy…and discover your “own kind of beautiful!”  ~ Kelly Bruning

Artisan Shop & Retail:   Soaps and Such, 125 W. Chisholm Street, Alpena, MI 49707

Online Shop:

Instagram: @soapsandsuchalpena

Facebook: soapsandsuchalpena






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