Your skin is not a wet suit!

Your skin is not a Wet Suit! 😲🦈

What you put on your skin goes into your pores and into your body!

Do you know what’s in your personal care products?

Do you know they can contain Aluminum, Lead, Parabens and more that are toxic to your system?

My passion is to formulate and educate offering people a choice of natural, healthy products. I love talking to people about healthy choices and offering suggestions of my natural product line…and I do this out of love and passion to educate as far as being a free beauty coach.

Do you have a question for me? Is there an issue you are trying to solve? From hair loss to wrinkles to acne, natural ways to repel ticks and mosquitoes? I probably have an answer.

Post your question below or email it to me and I’ll get to answering it. ~ Kelly

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