Rose Water – Nature’s Beauty

Hi Folks,

Rose water has inherent beauty benefits. I use it night and day. It opens and cleans pores and balances the skin’s ph levels…naturally. I thought you would like to also see how I make rose water. See below for the video and how you can also purchase if you wish.

Check out all those benefits!! I bet you never knew one or two of them…the power of rose water. I steam from my own roses. I do that because there can be no pesticides.

Take a look at how I make rose water in this short video clip.

If you would like to purchase the Michigan Pure Rose Water (It goes fast…then I need to wait for a “re-bloom” of my roses) then you can purchase it online at

Keep that face beautiful…and discover the benefits of rose water. It truly is nature’s beauty wash.

Best, Kelly

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