Beauty Tip Tuesday – Take Care of Those Armpits!

Really….after I experienced irritation under my ar pits…well I took a look.  Now I know you probably do not look at your pits regularly lime me.  Well I noticed I was actually shaving off skin.  That’s right…I never really looked for hair growing and just assumed it was and well…it was not.  So after that, well, I decided my pits also deserved a beauty regimen too.

Tips for better pits:

  1. Use Aluminum Free Deodorant. Aluminum found in antiperspirant has been linked to increased Breast Cancer and is supported by research.
  2. Actually examine your pits for hair growth before shaving.
  3. Adjust your shave routine to your needs.  If the pits don’t need shaving…don’t.
  4. Use a high quality shaving cream with green tree extract for soothing and avoiding razer burn.
  5. Use a razer that has a pivot head to go in curves.
  6. At night, wash arm pits before bedtime with a warm wash cloth.
  7. At night, Apply a moisturizing oil. I use our Skintastick fast drying oil. – This is really important in that it allows your arm pits to receive moisturizers over night.

For those of you that may be interested I have collected the products mentioned in this tip on my company website and you can learn more about them or buy online.—arm-pits

Cheers…to better pits! ~ Kelly

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