What you need to know about hand sanitizer to keep you safe.


Hi Folks,

Did you know you need to have Clorox wipes on the surface for 4 minutes, then let surface  air dry for it to disinfect properly?  Really?  Do you do that when you wipe down your shopping cart handle? Contact time is important to the efficacy of the sanitizer.

Did you know Purell and Germ-X have Benzalkonium Choride it it that kills germs but not viruses?  Do yo know the difference between a germ and a virus?

Did you know that 99% kills germs* – That it’s hard to find that * on the label and that the product doesn’t kill viruses?

Kelly Bruning, Founder of Soaps and Such, provides a frank discussion on sanitizers and what you need to know to keep you safe.

She also formulates the World Health Organization Handrub formulations which are available for purchase online and in her shop as well as surface sanitizer, protective room spray and more including a new immunity strengthening line with inhalers and other products to keep that respiratory system healthy.

Soaps and Such – More Info., About Santizers, Buy Online

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