Ravintsara to the Rescue

Hi There,ravintsara

The other day when I had one of my really bad sinus headaches, I used ” Love Your Sinuses” nasal inhaler…not too mediciny smelling. When the weather started to be unseasonably warm, I started to get a cold and was stuffy. I put 2 little drops of RAVINTSARA (in our DEFEND product) in a steam inhalation (put in steaming water and tent head and inhale deeply)…and that did the trick I made sure I had my tissue under the towel because those sinuses started to drain and drain….all better after 5 minutes …NATURALLY without having to take any medicine. Plus you can use it for prevention too! ~ Kelly

Ravintsara is recognized as having strong antiviral and antimicrobial properties while being an excellent nerve tonic as well. Ravintsara is thought to help build immunity from colds and/or infections. Its aroma is pretty strong, camphorous and eucalyptus-like. Acts as an expectorant as well.

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AS well as more cold/flu/sinus products

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