Did you know I will help you with your beauty plan? FreeĀ šŸ„°

Kelly 1.jpgI just helped 72 year old Rose with here personal beauty plan. We had a lovely chat over the phone. Now she had a cart of products to choose from specially selected for her based on our conversation along with me to help her along the way. No charge…no obligation to buy. ~ Kelly

It’s simple, you fill out a few questions, put it in the cart and “purchase” it free with no shipping and your request gets to me in the form of an Internet order with all the info. I need to contact you and start to research what beauty products best meet your needs. We chat at your convenience, and then I put products in a customized cart so you click and pick and choose what you want or read about their properties and how they work. Plus I’m there as you use your products for further guidance and questions. If you would rather meet at the shop in person, there’s an option for that as well.  No cost, no obligation to purchase…that simple and honest.

I love empowering people with the choice of wholesome products for what goes on your skin goes into your blood stream.


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