Lead in Lipstick? Not for Soaps and Such!

ALL Natural Lipstick in the Making! 💋

No dyes ~ No beattle bug backs ~ no toxins.

Lead in Lipsticks?    Beware!lipstick making

Exposure to lead has been linked to a host of health concerns: (excerpt from article)
  • Neurotoxicity: It has been linked to learning, language and behavioral problems.
  • Reduced fertility in both men and women
  • Hormonal changes and menstrual irregularities
  • Delayed onset of puberty in girls and development of testes in boys.
Lead is not the only concern in lipsticks. A study by University of California researchers found nine toxic heavy metals, including chromium, cadmium, aluminum, manganese (read full article). Lead in Lipstick Full Article
Soaps and Such founder Kelly Bruning has formulated all natural lipstick.  Goes on smooth, moisturizes, lasts, and no icky stuff. For more info or to purchase Natural Lipsticks
Beattle Bug Backs in lipstick?  Yes, the hard shell of beattles  known as crushed cochineal bugs is used in color pigments of lipsticks.  One of the colors is Carmine Red or carminic acid – and is prepared by boiling the insect bodies in amonia or sodium Carbonite solutions.  Now….I bet you didn’t know that…Yuck!
Keeping you healthfully beautiful,kelly finished makeup
Kelly Bruning, Founder Soaps and Such

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