Acne Daily Regiman Pack..Naturally

STEP 1: Morning – Wash face with charcoal soap. Attracts dirt like a magnet! Great for Acne packstubborn blackheads without drying skin.

STEP 2: Apply Rose Water Astringent after washing for Ph balance. Great for a quick wash up after exercise or sweating cleaning pores.

STEP 3: After using astringent apply the Neem lotion. Neem has healing properties for acne. The lotion is also infused with Lemon Essential Oil as an anti-microbial tackling unwanted bacteria.

STEP 4: Spot treat pimples or cystic acne with the Neem Acne Stick which has healing properties. It can also be used as prevention, using the stick in areas that are prone to acne on a daily basis to prevent acne.

Step 5: Night – Go back to Step 1 and REPEAT.

Get your daily regimen products at Soaps and Such online by clicking here.


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