(Revised) What do We Really Know About CBD

Revised with Working Link to the full text article below.

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I’ve been asked about CBD oil and products in general. As you all know, I’m a researcher . I hold a PhD in Research and Research & Quality are the hallmarks of Soaps and Such which makes me and my small business different. My passion is educating others moreso than personal profit gain. So I’m not going to “fall into the hype” about CBD just to make a buck. CBD has not been extensively researched because it was an illegal drug subject to restrictions (and monetary support) for research facilities. In my analysis, a lot more research needs to be done on CBD. For example, I know how much Arnica (a natural pain relieving plant) to put in my formulas and what quality to evaluate because it’s been researched but I do not know how much CBD, the quality of CBD, and the after effects of CBD because that research hasn’t been clearly done.

An excerpt from the below article:

_“Further, experts note that most of the CBD products available on the market are not regulated by FDA. Dustin Lee, an assistant professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University, said, “It might be available at the local 7-11 in Pennsylvania, but any product you get on the market is not federally regulated by the FDA, so the purity and safety and quality are questionable.”_

Remember, that we did not learn that aluminum in deodorants was tied to increased incidences in Breast Cancer and Alzheimer’s until AFTER the research was conducted. So please beware and don’t fall for all the hype and marketing about CBD.

Sure, I could fall for the hype and make CBD pain relief oil and market it and rake in the $. But I choose research over hype and our Arnica Pain Relief Oil that I formulated and hold patent to is substantiated with proven research. Is your CBD product?

The Below article (below link) is well worth the 5 minute read through so you can gain insight as to CBD. ANd no…it isn’t a link to buy a product or anything else other than to educate you on CBD so you can make your decisions based on reliable information and not fall into all the hype and hupla without the evidence and research.

What Do We Really Know About CBD? (Not Much!)
My role is not just a merchant it’s the responsibility to educate where I can. That’s what makes me and my small business Soaps and Such… different.


Kelly, MBA, PhD

Owner, Soaps and Such, LLC  http://www.soapsandsuchalpena.com


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