Cute & Natural!

Baby caddy 1.jpg


Keep Soaps and Such in mind for gift giving! NATURAL is what we are all about and the NEW Mother will surely love paraben free, wholesome baby products. This two sided Diaper Caddy is full of Soaps and Such natural products. Our Baby line is called “lil Michigander” and was launched because Johnson & Johnson is being sued for toxins in their products. That’s why I went to work developing a wholesome baby line…to keep your baby healthy and you with healthy choices!
* Our baby powder is talc free
* Our baby wash is a miled Castille formula
* Our diaper rash has been heralded by new Moms as the BEST!
* Our all natural baby lotion has that familiar J & J baby smell but not the toxins!
* The laundry/softener soap has been handgrated from my mild formula soap bar after cured 6 weeks.

Plus lots more products for babies and kids!

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