Pavement Too Hot? Natural Paw Wax!

If the Pavement is too hot for you….It’s too hot for your dog!  PAW WAX to the rescue!

paw burn

As a basic ‘rule of paw’ if the pavement feels too hot for your barefoot, it is too hot for Fido’s. Do this test: press  your own bare hands or feet on sunny pavement for at least 7-8 seconds to assess heat level. If it is uncomfortable for you, then it is too hot for your dog.


Did you know when the air temperature is outside is measured at 77 degrees, asphalt in the sun has been measured at 125 degrees, and jump up to 86 or 87 degrees outside, and asphalt can sizzle your skin (or your pet’s paws) at 135 to 143 degrees… and egg can fry in 5 minutes at 131 degrees! Dr. Pia Salk brought these mind-scorching numbers to our attention. Pia points out that while most of us have witnessed or experienced the driveway dance of a human in bare feet, we don’t often think of the effect that burning hot surface has on the bare four paws of our companion animals out for a stroll (Salk, 2012). Reference:  Protecting Paws from Hot Pavement, Pia 8/6/12 August 6th, 2012.


Here’s where I come in!  I developed a NATURAL preventative paw burn wax that helps to reduce occurrence of burn.  As well, it’s formulated in a dial up stick to it is easy on the paws and no mess! Apply it on paws at least 3 X to build up the protective layers on the paw pads then reapply each time before walking the dog.


 How does it work?  The  paw wax is handcrafted  with a natural healing wax along  with Callendula which is a natural healing herb combined with paw loving emollients which form layers or barriers after several applications building a healing barrier between the paws and the pavement. That’s why you apply it 3x before even stepping out with your fury friend.


The Paw Wax can was formulated and handcrafted Soaps and Such and can be purchased in my shop. Web site is  search paw wax.


Note on extremely hot days, I don’t recommend walking your dog on any hot surface.  Keep in mind beach parking lots are hot and so is sand.

Keeping fido’s paws safe this summer! ~ Kelly


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