Why Masquerade?

masqueradeEmbrace your natural beauty! Too often I see ladies with a ton of makeup on. Sooner or later the mask needs to come off. There’s always going to be someoe prettier than you and someone uglier than you. So why not embrace the REAL YOU!

Sheer makeup sticks are in making your skin appear dewy. I just developed my own natural color sticks called “Color Me Naturally” with 5 color sticks. 3 for regular use with the addition of sun tan and also scarlet for a punch of more color in the summertime. All natural of course, nourishes and moisturize and gives a great sheer look.

I also have a mineral makeup line with an exclusive formulation that actually has your face feeling silky…allows pores to breathe. Triple Sifted. Great for that natural look and especially good for Acne skin since my formula helps with excess oil.

More info. on my Web page accessed in my bio. Search makeup or go to shop and click the makeup category to learn more.

Keeping you healthfully beautiful! ~ Kelly

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