Toxic in Disguise

Toxic in Disguise Yesterday, a gal came in for mineral makeup makover and happened to have her “pretty eye shadow” pallet with her. I asked if I could see it and put a magnifying glass to the ingredients. The third was was ALUMINUM which has bee linked to Cancer. Reading the ingredient list is critical to your health. I bring a magnifying glass with me and keep it in my purse when I shop so I can read ingredients. If the item does not have an ingredient list or is covered with a sticker, I would suggest not buying it or asking for the ingredient list. Bath and Body works often does this (sticker on ingredient list). Be smart when you shop.

Natural pigments and minerals are triple sifted when I measure and grind the natural make-up I make at Soaps and Such. RESISTS CREASING with a special formulation and allows skin to breathe since it doesn’t block pores. Has a creamy, soft feel. Great for Acne prone skn.  For more reading on my  mineral makeup search makeup.

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