Be safe this buggie season

Be safe this buggie season! Choose Deet Free & Natural. Reserch on deet has shown an repllent lemon-eucal.jpgassociation to neuralogical disorders in children. Bug away bouquet spray moisturizes and doesn’t small “buggy” in fact it smells like a light perfume. Lemon-Eucalyptus has been researched as quite effective and comes from the lemon Eucalptus plant.

We’ve worked hard and made a lot so that you can be protected naturally from flees, ticks, mosquitoes, black flies. ALL in one formula. FIDO TOO! We have repellents to help dogs against ticks, black flies, fleas in one formula too.

To see and read about more click here to go to our secure online shop with repellents already sorted for you.  Click here

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