Correct Way to Apply Serum


Applying serum graphic

Look at the graphic!  The way to put on serum or any moisturizer is to go against gravity as you apply it.  Also, applying while the skin is still moist and damp helps the ingredients penetrate deep into pores.

Following the number on the diagram:

  1. You move outward from chin point to sides.
  2. You move outward and upward from mustache area.
  3. You move upward from the center of your brows to hair line.
  4. You move upward from chest area sweeping up the neck.

This allows the serum or moisturizer to go against gravity & get into tiny wrinkles since it is applied against the gravity.

I always moisturize day and night.  Day, I use my Soaps and Such Vitamin C & E Cream called Revitalize.  The Vitamin-C helps lighten the Age Spots.  Cream sinks right in & nourishes.At night I use the Age Defiance serum or Argan oil.

Cheers to keeping you healthfully beautiful!



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