Think of pores of your skin as the gateway to your blood stream!

Why Use This Toner?Toner Cham Calendula3

Think of the pores of your skin as the gateway to your blood stream. This toner unplugs, cleans, and soothes giving your skin a breather! This allows that gateway to be open to accept soothing chamomile and calendula in this toner.  The Aloe Vera also helps with anti-inflamatory and soothing properties especially with sunburn.

Pores can become plugged with pollutants from the air or internally with sebum deposits.   Acne develops when sebum — an oily substance that lubricates your hair and skin — and dead skin cells plug pores. Bacteria can trigger inflammation and infection resulting in more sever acne.

Fresh Face Naturally With Aloe Vera infusion!
Chamomile & Calendula are a sister act to this face toner. Soothes irritation and burns with a touch of witch hazel for cleansing. Just the right size for travel! Take facial refreshment everywhere including the gym, pool, and dance class. Refresh those pores!

Fresh Fache Chamomile and Calendula toner can be purchased on my web site by clicking this link.      Even better?  It’s only $5.95!


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