Herbal Infusion is like a tea bag

Herbal Infusion is like a tea bag….seeping up all those natural herbs to make a mighty fine natural drink for your skin!

What is an infused oil? Well it’s like steeping water to make tea. The herb melds into the oil over time infusing the it with the herbs inherent properties. The oil now can carry those healthy plant properties within its molecular structure and when the oil is used on the skin, embeds those herb nutrients into your epidermis.Equipment and infusion jar6

Sounds all scientific huh? They don’t call me the nutty professor for nothing! I find this all fascinating. That’s why I created my shop. So I could learn, research, and educate (so long as I don’t blow up my lab) and share it all with you! That’s the terrific part!

Infused Oils Just Created:

~ Lavender Fields (Relaxing)
~Tranquility-Infused with lavender and chomomile for soothing
~ Serenity- Infused with chamomile for calming & serenity

You can discover more about my educational library, videos, blog, and products on my web site by clicking the link in my bio. Here’s to you and being Healthfully Beautiful!

~ Kelly

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