Winter has its own serenity, your skin needs it too!

Winter has it’s own serenity, your skin needs it too. Dry, cracked skin needs hydration and moisture.  Here are some things to keep in mind:

~Balms – Can hold the  most essential oil & emollients- they are hard and wax- like.

~Salves – Can also hold the most essential oil but are more spreadable than balms.

~Lotion – Does well for sink in moisture on-the-spot.

~Oils – Immediate hydration but can be greasy and not penetrate quickly.

~Gels – Are more topical and don’t penetrate as much as balms and salves.

Here’s what I do:

Winter Serenity 1

  • Put a salve on dry, cracked feet before bed with light socks.
  • Put lip balm on before bed.
  • Put lotion on during the day.
  • Put salve on my hands before bed.
  • Use my dry oil I named Skintastick after shower.

I make lots of balms (healing, sinusitis, naked, sore muscles, etc.) full of skin loving emollients and essential oils.  They ship nationwide and right now it’s hard to keep up with the online orders.   I thought I’d share with you what I do so that you can have “skin serenity” too!

Best, Kelly


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