What are you all about?

Have you ever really thought what you were all about?
Really reflected and peeled off layers and layers to get to your core purpose?

When I peeled the layers back on why I spend countless hours on research, it’s because I want you to have bath and beauty choices that are healthy for you. One would be surprised when they read and research what is in our products which often includes harmful chemicals.

I’ve done the research for you and brought products to life with natural and wholesome ingredients. So when I think back…and peeled the layers off….my passion is to create products that will keep you “healthfully beautiful.”

Did you know dead beetle shells are often used in color dyes for lipsticK? SHOCKING…I know. That’s when I decided to research and learn to make natural lipstick which is also available to you if you choose on my web site in the link.

You can discover more about my educational library, videos, blog, and products on my web site by clicking the link in my bio. Here’s to you and being Healthfully Beautiful!
~ Kelly

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