Conquer Cold/Flu…Naturally


How does steam inhalation work? It gets those fast acting essential oils that release their properties down into your lungs fast while giving your lungs a sauna so to speak. The steam relaxes the Alveoli in your lungs which are an important part of the respiratory system whose function it is to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules to and from the bloodstream. Deep Breath in – hold for as long as you can, exhale.

Oils and water don’t mix well so I also offer my mixing solution that allows the water to get thoroughly infused; not just the oil hanging up on top of the water. That can be dangerous because the oils are fully concentrated if not mixed properly.

Steam inhalation is the way to go. Defend Blend that I make also PREVENTS cold/flu. So I do this 1x a week to prevent against …well Yucky!
Keeping you “healthfully beautiful!” ~ Kelly

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