Heal & Moisturize Winter Skin..Naturally

Beauty Tips

Winter is dry which can cause cracked and dry skin. Here are some tips:

* Balm on at night
* Use a daily body moisturizer* Use a daily lip balm
* Try one of our ready to use face masks at Soaps and Such
* Dry Feet? with a pair of socks
* Foaming Soap For Extreme Hand Washers (New product at Soaps and Such)
* Weekly Hot Oil Treatment or our Revive hair oil drops
* Moisturizing Tub Our Bath Bombs are super moisturing and I must confesss…I’m addicted!

Balms hold more skin loving oils than acqueous lotions can so they provide good hyrdration to the epidermis. I formulated “Working Hands Extreme” balm just for this.   Apply just before bed so that balm can sink right in and go to work.   A daily moisturizer is also key.  I use Skintastic Dry Oil spray that I formulated at  my shop.  The Argan Oil in it, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids help to enrich skin combined with other skin loving oils that are quick-drying yet moisturizing.  Balm applied to feet before bed with a pair of socks on top goes a long way.  Our coffee-mint foot cream that smells oh…so good…or our heel balm does the trick there.

Extreme handwashers need to find a gentle foam soap and Soaps and Such has it.  Castille based and infused with lemon for antimicrobial and Tea-Tree essential Oil for antibacterial all while the Castille formula babies your hands leaving them hydrated yet clean.  Great for nurses, doctors, health care professionals, day care professionals.

And you can’t beat a hot tub on a cold day…especially with Soaps and Such bath bombs handcrafted with an exclusive formula that not only gets your senses going…Oh my gosh…but also leaves your skin moisturized, the water softened, just a bit of foam for fun and best of all….no rim around the tub!  We just made Romance as well as Wild Rose, heart shaped bath bombs but we have about 32 different scents or special muscle ache with magnesium crystals.

Check the products out at my Soaps and Such Web Site by clicking here. 

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