Preserverance & Passion

Wow…7 Years since I’ve started my little business I called Soaps and Such. Did you know 90% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years? PRESERVERANCE and a PASSION for what I believe in kept me going.,,,a passion to be YOUR Healthy Beauown kind of beautifulty Coach! To not let those big brands “con” you into thinking they have healthy products when they don’t! To answer your questions on essential oils, how an herb may help you with acne, how an oil may help with fine lines because of its antioxidant properties. I have a passion of being YOUR caretaker for healthy bath and beauty products! I’ve spent countless hours on the research…and I say Aggggghhhh….that’s not right…when I see brands andvertise toxic products as great with pretty models and creative marketing captions. I love being your CARETAKER…your WOMAN WORRIER to fight against hazardous products in bath and beauty products….not because I’m profit driven…it’s because I care. It’s what I’m made of…every fabric of me….wants to protect YOU against harmful ingredients in bath and beauty products. Soaps and Such…a business you can trust…with a “nutty professor” at the helm….formulating products and providing education to KEEP YOU HEALTHY, a resource person you can ask questions of, and someone who will “make it” before you are stuck with what is on the shelf with all those toxins. CHEERS to SEVEN YEARS! ~ Kelly

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