Prevent Cold & Flu Naturally

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As many of you know, I formulate and sell natural products.  I have a little retail shop in Alpena, Michigan,  called Soaps and Such. MY products are also available on the Soaps and Such Web Page for purchase.  The business will turn 7 years old in February and I’m so excited to see my passion for health bath and beauty products embraced by others that share my philosophy on “as natural as I can make it” without all that icky stuff.
You can prevent getting the cold/flu…naturally.  I’ve  taped four short videos (less than 1 1/2 minutes each) briefly explaining the natural products I create backed by research which I comb over and over for proven results..  They can be accessed directly from my secure Web site using the button below.  The Cold/Flu Buster Diffuser Formula and the Sinus Relief Diffuser Formula are not hightlighted in the videos but are sure effective and available in shop and on our on-line site.  You can access those videos on my secure Web site here Cold/Flu Buster Videos
cold remedies
Personally, I use DEFEND steam inhalation once a week whether I need it or not (available on teh Soaps and Such  online Web page).  And that really prevents me from getting the cold/flu (though you need
 to carve out 15 minutes out of your day and face the steam) and then I put the sinus diffuser blend in my diffuser (for sale in shop and on the web page). I’m also a fan of our “love your sinuses” nasal  inhaler . I carry it with me and at the first hint of sinus trouble….use it…and that usually does the trick. Plus it doesn’t smell mediciny.  Here’s to YOU and your loved ones NOT getting sick (we have a room spray too…where the 4 Thieves knock out germs).
If you want to learn more about the products or purchase online, I’ve tried to capture them all in one link to my secure Web Site powered by Go Daddy here Direct Link to Cold/Flu Products
Founder, Soaps and Such, LLC

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