Natural Ways to Combat Summer Pests!


  • Electric Fan – Ever wonder why mosquitoes aren’t out on windy days? Because they can’t fly in the wind (nor any  other wing flying pest). Plug in that fan and let ‘R  rip.  Patios often have outside plugs so plug it in and pest be gone!


  • Take your diffuser or vaporizer and plug it in outside and fill it with a mosquito and pet repellent solution. This will take care of a small area.  The repellent solution mists into the air defending against bugs.  Great for patio. If you are interested in purchasing the solution, I’ll make some up just for you.  ½ gallon size $19.  E-mail me at


  • Natural repellents. Soaps and Such has Bug Away Bouquet or our Regular spray.  Four essential oils combine to also  moisturize in Bug Away Bouquet or Lemon Eucalyptus for our regular spray.  Both are effective on ticks, mosquitoes and black flies.  We have repellent for dogs as well.


  • Repellent Soy candles – natural lead free wick. (We make these at Soaps and Such)


  • Repellent Soap made from our Bug Away Bouquet formula.  Doesn’t smell buggy.  Great for camping and all around use.


  • Soaps and Such Neem Stick for acne also doubles as a pain/itch stick/healing for bug bites.


  • Don’t forget we also have repellent for dogs in both a spray formula and in drops.  The repellent soap can also be used on dogs.


  • Terracotta or lava bead jewelry. Wearing one of our repellent bracelets, necklaces, or anklets helps to ward off and repel pests as well.  Best practice is to use Soaps and Such natural deet free spray combined with a repellent jewelry piece.  These pieces are cute with designs on them.  We have them for kids, men and women…adjustable. All come with the repellent solution to put on them once a week. We also have Dog clip on tags for the collar for dogs.  These pieces aren’t on our online shopping pending patent protection but are in the shop.


Repellents can be purchased on line at:


If you want a diffuser piece mailed to you for purchase, you may email me at and we’ll get one to you.


Take care and happy summer! PEST FREE..NATURALLY…with the help of Soaps and Such!


Kelly Bruning, Owner, Soaps and Such

Bricks and Mortar Shop at 125 W. Chisholm, Alpena, MI 49707   (989) 340-1299

Online shop:



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