Being A Mom….

I don’t think one can really explain to another female what it’s like to be a mom until that other person becomes a mom themselves. You have all this hope …then all the pain…then this little baby comes into the world…one that you’ve had inside you for 9 months. From that point on, A Mom’s heart just melts….at least mine did…this little girl…a little part of me…my genes….what a wonder. And that little girl turned into a BRAT …but her strong will came from her Mother….and will nurture endurance in her elder years…..WOW…it’s an extra-ordinary experience being a Mom…from the I hate you Mom…to those unexpected tender moments when experiences are shared…and love…to those near miss life crisis…that makes a Mom’s heart drop. There’s nothing like being a Mom….and I may not be the best Mom…but my daughter knows I’m here for her through thick and thin….and I would lay my life down for her….and for you Moms out there…you know what I mean. I have a hard headed daughter…who is funny, hardworking, and caring….and she turned out well…that’s all a Mom can ask for. Happy Mother’s Day!~ Kelly

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