Expired Beauty Products

Unopened, even if they’re slightly expired, beauty products make for great donations to women’s shelters. However, most people don’t realize that eye makeup should be replaced every few months, especially mascara, and face makeup and lipstick within 12 months. To trash them, remove the product from the packages and recycle the containers for plastics. Some cosmetic companies (like MAC) even offer a mail-in program for recycling.

For Brushes, replace brushes every 6 months.  I personally have expensive goat hair and boar bristle mineral make-up brushes.  You can try to clean these but I would suggest using baking soda only.  I tried to wash them with water and they are just not the same.  I consider it an investment and now throw out the brushes after 6 months.  The key to good mineral make-up application is the right type of brush and the quality.  If you are looking for good brushes, my business, Soaps and Such sells them.



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