Worried? Anxiety? Hummmmm that little tune! (read more)

Hi There,

Ever feel worried?  Anxiety? or Depressed?  How about just a BAD MOOD!                 Well…here’s something I want you to try (and I read this somewhere and was a skeptic myself until I tried it).  When your are feeling those moods, I want you to hum your favorite tune!  Corny right?

That’s what I thought…until I tried it after feeling overwhelmed and nervous (about tax time and changing my business structure and discovering I had to learn more Quickbooks and yucky accounting..and meet with my Quickbooks tutor who is going to think I’m a dumb bell! My disclaimer has been I earned a PhD but never said I was smart!).

Feeling anxiety…I remembered I came across an article that encouraged humming to lift you up and help calm the worry.  I tried it and …it worked!  And remember, if we can’t control the circumstance directly, might as well not dwell over it.  So now, I make it a practice to hummmmm a little tune to lift my spirits and heck…if I just want to!

I challenge you to try it!  Can’t hurt …right?  Hummmmm that little tune ….and forget about the worries!




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