Quote of The Week – Stress or Passion? It’s Your Choice…Read a bit more.

92017-Working-HardStress or Passion?  It’s your choice.  No matter how busy or hectic our lives are…we choose what we fill it up with.  Sure there are obligations and loved ones to take care of…but making time for yourself and what you love doing recharges your soul and your energy.  As you know, I own my own artisan bath and beauty retail shop in Alpena, MI, and I sell a bit online at soapsandsuchalpena.com. I do this because I’m passionate about formulating and designing wholesome, natural bath and beauty products.  As such, it’s not “work” to me.  Sure, I could have stayed home and worked online as a graduate business professor (and I still do teach just about fulltime online)…but I decided to offer up my “found talent” and open the business to share my passion with others.  I’ve discovered when we truly enjoy what we are doing…and find that passion….we grow as people and give more happiness to the world.

That being said, I challenge you to spend at least 3 hours a week on what you consider your passion. Whether it’s painting, walking, painting fishing lures, writing, cooking or whatever it is.  And YES you do have the time to do it!  Set your alarm clock for an hour earlier and just get up and do it!  Feel the energy and happiness following your passion brings to you intrinsically and how in turn, you, harnessing that…relate to those around you.  It’s always a choice….do I get up an hour earlier and follow my passion?  Do I stay in a job I hate because it stresses me out?  Does my husband take a new job with less stress  but less money so he doesn’t have a heart attack on the job and die?  All real choices in today’s world and all decisions I’ve personally faced and can share my experience with you in this blog.  Life is too short…enjoy your passion!  ~ Kelly

ps:  Want to talk about it?  I answer all reply/posts to the blog so feel free.  And be sure to let me know how your three hours went!  I’d love to hear from you.

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