Positive Attitude- You Control That! (read more)

Hi There!

I have to admit, for about the first thirty years of my life, I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around.  I was pessimistic, measured myself against others, and had a chip on my shoulder.  Then through adversity (not very welcoming but it sure teaches you a lot) and some self-help reading by respected authors, counseling …and of course…listening to my wise DAD….I evolved to be a better person.

We all control our own thoughts. Yes…we do! We make a choice each day on our attitude.  No matter how crappy your day is or situation is, you can control only you and your actions and you make a choice.  If you let someone else’s behaviors or actions control how you feel…you have robbed yourself of your own happiness and your own personality and well being. My Dad would say, you become a puppet letting other people pull your strings.  If you let situations that are beyond your control to make you a negative person, then you have enslaved yourself to the “whim of the Universe” and doesn’t that sound…..well silly!

Each morning, you have the choice of having a positive or negative attitude.  And believe me, a positive attitude is ATTRACTIVE to others and people gravitate toward positive people (and subsequently NO ONE LIKES A NEGATIVE PERSON).  My Dad taught me the following: “Picture your mind as a radio and your ears as dials or channel changers.  When someone aggravates you and you can’t control it, wiggle  your ears and change the channel to something you like. Tune the negativity out and don’t let it control you.”  I learned how to do exactly that!  And with that and some other things, I changed for the good (My sisters will even tell you so!).  Though my Dad has passed away, I can still here him say in my ear “Change the chPositive attitudeannel Kell…and don’t be a puppet and let someone else pull your strings!”

Every moment you have a choice on a positive or negative attitude. Remember your mind is like a radio that you control. What channel will you tune into and what attitude will you choose to project to the world?

Want to talk about this?  I love discussion.  Put comments in the comment box below.  I answer all of them.    Have a great day! ~ Kelly

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