If you don’t take time for yourself…someone else will gladly take it from you! (read more)

Hi There,

 If you don’t take time for yourself…someone else will take it from you.  Now…that’s my saying and I’ve fallen victim to it myself…but now I’ve grown to value myself before all others.  And well…it took a long time and a lot of adversity …to come to that spot.  We are always busy…busy with work, school, kids…and other commitments that we make excuses why we don’t have ANY time for ourselves.

And think about it….have you ever just about had some free time for yourself…just to “cave in” to someone else’s demands or request for your time putting yourself LAST?  One of the keys to a happy and healthy life is to put YOU first..and that means carving out time just for you!  AND YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Taking time for ourselves gives us time to wind down, think about fun stuff we like to do, and …if you take the time to do it…recharge what I call “our life batteries.”  There’s something about it…taking time for  yourself…that brings about a peace of mind that then reflects out to  others.

Don’t tell me there’s not enough time in the day either!  Get up an hour earlier, get someone else to watch the kids for a while, or stay up later…and just plain say NO to those folks who are always hijacking your time.  I’m perhaps one of the busiest people I know, and I get up earlier or make a plan to spend “me time” (like when I hit the bath tub when my husband has lecture Wednesday nights).  I run a business, teach 5 graduate level classes, and I’m a wife…my kid is grown…and you bet…I  make timeTake time to do for myself.

So your homework for this blog is that this week and right now, you will look at your calendar and carve out at least 1 hour for “Me Time” and at least two times this week.  It can be longer or more frequent but that’s the minimum.  Get up earlier if you have to! You can sleep when you get old. I want you to jot on a piece of paper or note card, what you did in the time you took for yourself AND how you felt afterwards AND if anyone mentioned something to you after like “Hey…you’re in a good mood.”  Try this exercise and see how it will recharge your life battery…after-all…we are only here on Earth for a limited time.. and once the time is used up…you can’t get it back.  Are you going to let someone else take your time from you?

Let’s talk about it.  I always respond to comments or questions in the comment space below.  ~ Best, Kelly



  1. This was really great to read! I know I need to apply this to my weekly routine. I will try it out. Sometimes my time gets used up by people or things…I don’t like that…I need to take my time back and use it to work on me. Sometimes I just waste my time when I could be doing something productive for me😊 so glad I read this thanks Kelly!


  2. Hi Ashley,

    So glad you are reading my blog and finding my experiences meaningful. Do the homework this week and see what happens…at least one hour 2 x per week this week. Maybe a hot bath with candles? Maybe a lunch with a friend. Schedule it, and be determined to do it…it’s an investment in you. Let me know how you make out at the end of the week.



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