It’s Time To Get The Measuring Tape Out …Self-Reflection

Hi There!

I’d like to take the credit for this one, but it was my father-in-law that first did this to me and it had a profound impact on me. A quick five minutes “show me” and it gets one to really think!  Now..this is more effective if you go get one of those carpenter measuring tapes that pull out.  

  1. With measuring tape, if you are a woman, pull the tape to the 81” mark.


  1. If a man, the tape should go out to 76” mark.measuring tape

Note:  The average life expectancy for U.S. Women is 81 for females and 74 for U.S. Males. This differs for the year you were born, and these figures are 2015 (born in 2015).  If you want to be exact you will need to look up average life expectancy for your gender, race, and country.


  1. How old are you?


  1. Start bringing in the tape that many years in inches on the tape. (your age)


Example:  I bring the tape out to 82 for women, then I’m 54 years old so I bring it in 54 inches and oh my….I look to see what’s left of the measuring tape sticking out – not much! For me, my ruler now only goes out to 27” meaning I have 27 years left on this Earth if I’m lucky!


  1. How many inches are left on your measuring tape which reflect the number of years you have left?


  1. What are you going to do about it? What goals are you going to achieve?  What difference in the world are you going to make?  And what relationships are you going to nurture?  And for that matter, what toxic relationships or time-wasting non-meaningful things are you going to get rid of?


  1. The measuring tape shows it all! Now what are you going to do about it? That power is in your hands….no one else’s. YOU only have one life to live….better make those remaining inches on that measuring tape count!



Want to talk about this blog post?  I’d love a conversation…put comments or questions in the area below.



    • It sure is Nancy. It gives one perspective with a visual to see how much time is left and gets one thinking what there’s going to do with it. Life is not a re-do. ~ Kelly


    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for your comment. It put things into perspective about taking time for us and NOT ALLOWING other people to jeopardize that time and take it away…because we deserve to take some time to recharge our “life batteries.” Otherwise, resentment, fatigue and crankiness set in.
      Thanks for your note!


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