Natural Healing Salves

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I’ve just formulated these four great healing salves at my shop Soaps and Such located in Alpena, Michigan and also online.  What I like the most about salves is that they hold the “most” of an essential oil then say, a lotion or a cream, because they are “non-aqueous” to sound smart…or..they don’t contain water thus the essential oil property power are maximized since they are not diluted in an aqueous formula. They are all natural and good for you with all their healing properties.

Salve all four

Super Moisturizing  Salve does exactly what it states. Cracked hands, chapped skin, flaky skin..this is for you.  What’s so special about it?  Naturally made with shea butter, Rose-hip Oil, Vitamin-E, Jojoba Oil and some other skin loving oils. Use anywhere there is dry skin and hands and feet.

Headache Relief Salve combines the essential oil power of peppermint and lavender to relive those dull headaches.  Rub a pea side amount on  temples and back of neck.

Pain/Sore Muscle Salve combines my “Trauma Oil” which is an oil infused with pain relieving arnica, healing callendula, and St. John Wart for muscle aches.  Rosemary helps with inflammation.  This also is a “WARMING SALVE” with a warming sensation to help with sore muscles.  Great for that “overdoing it” or just that achy back or strain. Rub a pea size amount briskly wherever it’s achy.

Congestion Relief Salve combines the decongestant relief power of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea-tree. Provides relief from stuffy nose or sinus blockage. Rub a pea size amount on chest and neck area.  You can put a bit under your nose too and inhale.

Each week I complete a “product information” blog.  Natural products that do what they claim.  They can be purchased online at my online store at Consider purchasing these salves

These salves are truly healing!




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