There’s Always Going To Be…So Embrace Being You! Read more…

Hi There!

I ‘d like to share this with you….and these are my own words based on my experience in life and based on my learning and reading of many self-help books throughout my life.  I call them…life’s lessons….and it’s my hope that these quick “Ah..ha moments”  will benefit you…so here goes….

In our own self-reflection, we tend to compare ourselves to other people and when we do, often we do not think we “measure-up.”   Here’s the realization, there will always be someone prettier than  you…but their will always be someone uglier too!  There will always be someone younger than  you, skinnier than you, more outgoing than you…but guess what?  There will always be someone fatter than you, older than you…and…you get where I’m going.  So don’t let other people or society’s image of beautiful dictate whether you measure up.  Be happy being you! And when that happens it will shine through…embrace it!



Let’s talk about it!  I answer all comments and questions so feel free!

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