Getting More Out of Your Container Candle

A lot of people are unaware that with any container candle, you need to allow each burn a significant amount of time to melt the wax from wick to the outer edge of the container EACH TIME you light the candle.  The time it takes depends on a lot of variables.  So a good rule of thumb is to light the candle each time when you have at least an hour to let it burn and also check to see if the melted pool of wax has made it to the outer edge of the candle.  If you do not allow it to do that and blow it out, the candle will “tunnel.”  So you can’t light it for 15 minutes and blow it out.  It will tunnel.

Also with candles…check to see what type of wax and wick.  100% soy candles are less toxic on the burn, no soot, and gives a great scent throw.  Then make sure the wick does not have a lead base that holds it in the candle. They can have a metal base that holds the wick, but it should not be made out of lead.   So lead free wick and 100% soy or 100% bees wax.  If the candle doesn’t give you this info. On the bottom label, then it’s likely not worth buying.  A lot of big box retailers are focused on profits and not so much “healthy” and candles imported from other countries can hold lead wax or cheap waxes that are not good to inhale.

I do make and sell my own designed container candles and some of them are pretty neat since they are infused with botanical.  If you want to check them out, they are in my online shop at Natural Soy Candles & Wax Melts.




Lemongrass candlecoffee wax meltEvergreen candle











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