Are Lipsticks Dangerous?

When people ask me why I decided to learn to make natural, professional looking lipstick  (the tear drop shape is…wicked)…I point them to this article.  Now I can share it with you so that you know a little about what goes into over-the-counter lipstick and make choices on what you want to put on your lips.

Read this excerpt: ““Every day millions of women apply lipstick without a second thought. What many don’t know is that lipsticks may contain lead, the notorious metal that can cause learning, language and behavioral problems. Lead is a neurotoxin and can be dangerous even at small doses.””    Are Lipsticks Dangerous?

Below is a pic of my all natural lipsticks I learned to make! I can make 4 at a time in my mold.  They are all natural and wear about 2-3 hours under normal wear.  I made Bold Bergundy, , Camel, Cozy Copper, and Dessert Red.  Take a look below.  If inclined, you can read more about them or purchase them online here: All Natural Lipsticks I Made, Soaps and Such Web Shop.

All Natural Lipstick “Wicked” tear drop crafted by Kelly at Soaps and Such

Questions or  Comments, post them in the comments section…let’s talk.


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